How to Share the #🟦 Blue Square


Learn how to share the Blue Square emoji and join the fight against antisemitism. This step-by-step guide will show you how to use the #🟦 on your preferred social media platforms and messaging apps. By sharing this symbol, you can raise awareness and make a positive impact. Join us in the movement to stand up against hate.

Pick Your Social Channel

1. Choose Where to Post

Pick a social media platform or messaging app where you usually connect with others.

2. Find the Blue Square Emoji

On your phone, open the emoji keyboard (typically a smiley face icon) and search for the “Blue Square” emoji or just click the copy emoji below.

Copy Emoji
Copy Message
I won’t stay silent against antisemitism. Or any form of hate. #🟦 #StandUpToAllHate
< Quick Share

3. Create Your Post

Write a supportive message. Use the hashtags #🟦 & #StandUpToJewishHate. If you’re posting a photo or video, add a Blue Square using a filter or photo editing.

4. Post Your Message

Post it on your chosen platform to show support and raise awareness against antisemitism.

Which platforms can I use to share the Blue Square?

You can share messages of support on any platform. Consider where it feels most natural for your post and where you want to share this message with those who follow you.

Where can I find the Blue Square emoji?

The Blue Square emoji can be found on your phone or mobile device. Simply click the smiley face on or below the keyboard to bring up all available emojis and search for “Blue Square.” It can be inserted into social media posts, emails, and text messages.

How do I write a message using #🟦 and #StandUpToJewishHate?

Once you decide where to share, create a post as you would for that platform. If you post an image or video, we encourage you to add a Blue Square by using our branded filter on TikTok or by editing your photo to include a Blue Square. You can also share your support in the caption by writing a message of support and using #🟦 and #StandUpToJewishHate.

What should I do after creating my message?

After you make your post, publish it and share it with the world! When doing so, you show the Jewish community they are not alone and can educate and inspire other people to take action and stand up against antisemitism.

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